Why Should I Use Lime Mortar?

Natural Lime Mortar is The Key!

Use the Lime Mortar that the GSA approved for use on one of the Oldest Historic Buildings in Washington, D.C. Get the correct Lime Mortar!


Note – All of Lancaster Lime Works lime mortar and products are quarried (mined) and manufactured 100% in the USA. None of our lime or lime mortar comes from France or any other quarries or mines outside of our Great Nation.

We are dedicated to saving old buildings one brick at a time, and it all begins with using the proper mortar. It isn’t the age that results in the loss of historic structures, but the wrong mortar that’s used to maintain them. Simply using incompatible Portland mortar on a building that was built using Lime Mortar will cause buildings to decay and crumble.

Did you know that Lime Mortar will dissolve when it stays wet or damp?  Portland mortar that is typically used to restore historic masonry will trap moisture in the masonry wall and  destroys our beloved buildings.

After decades of doing historic restoration and researching what works, we’ve developed a Lime Mortar which won’t destroy aging brick or stone, but provides the longest lasting, breathable, flexible solution. For the sake of preserving your historic building, please take full advantage of the easy-to-read, authoritative, factual education we offer on our site.

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We can provide you with a mortar/aggregate analysis and High-Calcium Natural  Lime Mortar products that have been approved by the GSA to help preserve our national heritage. Historic masonry preservation is all we do and we consider it an honor to be able to help you. Bedding, pointing, stucco, plaster, limewash and lime putty.

Make sure your building lasts – don’t make an Expensive Mistake

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High Calcium Lime Putty Products for Historic Masonry Preservation