Lancaster Lime Works is a collaborative effort of the top experts in the historic masonry preservation field.  Although recently founded (mid 2013), we offer the results of 40 years of lab and field research into the lime mortar field.  The staff of Lancaster Lime Works is dedicated to answering your questions and helping our customers understand the proper materials and techniques for their masonry needs, historic restoration as well as just old buildings.  We are much more than a sales force trying to sell lime mortar.  We will not try to sell our products if we determine that they are not the right “fit” for the building on which they will be used.


Our natural lime products are from high-calcium lime putty.

We are dedicated to saving old buildings one brick at a time, and it all begins with using the proper mortar. It isn’t the age that results in the loss of historic structures, but the wrong mortar used to maintain them. Simply using incompatible Portland mortar on a building that was built using Lime Mortar will cause buildings to decay and crumble.

Did you know that Lime Mortar will dissolve when it stays wet or damp? Portland mortar that is typically used to restore historic masonry will trap moisture in the wall and destroy our beloved buildings.

After decades of doing historic restoration and researching what works, we’ve developed a Lime Mortar which won’t destroy historic brick or stone, but provides the longest lasting, breathable, flexible solution. For the sake of preserving your historic building, please take full advantage of the easy-to-read, authoritative, factual education we offer on our site.

With the best possible solutions for all present day needs in the historic masonry preservation field and building restoration, we make ourselves available to all homeowners, tradesman, architects, and engineers.  We provide solutions for tough historic masonry questions, from masonry cleaning, to custom mortar matches. Our products are high-calcium, non-hydraulic, natural lime mortar in the form of pure putty, ready-to-use repointing mortar, ready-to-use bedding mortar and lime wash.  Some of our associations are with the John Greenwalt Lee Company, which are experts in historic building preservation science and leading experts in everything lime mortar related.