Lime Product Overview

Lime Construction Products Overview

lime products overview

Pointing Mortars

  • Superior masonry-mortar bond without shrinkage
  • Breathable, flexible, tintable

Exterior Stuccoes

  • Accommodates building movement; self-healing
  • Greater workability … a mechanic’s dream

Chinking Mortar for Logs

  • Superior flexibility against wood

Interior Plasters

  • Direct-to-Masonry, new or old
  • Metal or wood lath

Antiseptic Limewash

  • Durable, beautiful matte finish for interior or exterior

Calcium Bicarbonate Consolidant

  • Rebind friable, porous renders or stone

Lime Grouts and Adhesives

  • Secure realigned masonry without creating pointload stress
  • Re-adhere sound but loose render

Characteristics of our Lime

  • Stand-alone binder strong enough for weight-bearing masonry structures
  • Easy workability from high plasticity
  • Cures quickly and thoroughly<
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Water shedding
  • Water releasing
  • Self-repairing
  • Cushions and flexes with normal building movements
  • Tintable for durable color matching
  • Emley plasticity above 400
  • High Purity (98%+ calcium content)
  • Ultra-low impurities
  • Negligible magnesium (slow-reacting)
  • High particle surface area (30+ m2/g)

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