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By ordering this product, you agree that you have read and understood all the instructions for storage, handling, use, and installation published by Lancaster Lime Works for the product(s) you are purchasing.

You also agree that you are solely responsible for the storage, handling, use and installation of the products you are purchasing, and that you will instruct and supervise anyone who handles, uses or installs these products, making certain that they have become familiar with all these instructions and will closely follow all these instructions.

You agree that, if any difficulties, questions or problems arise relating to the handling, storage, use, or installation of any of these products, that you will notify Lancaster Lime Works by email (, and if needed you will allow Lancaster Lime Works to visit the site.  You agree to install the material as instructed.

You agree that Lancaster Lime Works is not responsible for salt that is existing within the building or that may be introduced after our products have been used including damage or product failure that is caused by salt.

You also agree to assume all liability for the handling, storage, use, installation and performance of these products, and that Lancaster Lime Works assumes no liability for any failure or damages of any kind relating to the handling, storage, use, or installation of these products.