Installation Instructions

The Fundamentals

“Down & Dirty”

Simplified Lime Mortar Installation Instructions

  1. Lime is extremely caustic when it is wet—protect your eyes and skin.  Protect objects and people below. Lime may discolor or etch metals.
  2. Use mortar and stucco as dry and stiff as possible.  Mix “knock-up” and “energize” before use and repeat often for best workability without adding water.  Wet the wall, not the mortar.
  3. Monitor the Moisture.  This is your main focus before, during, and after installation.
  4. Thoroughly dampen the substrate starting at least 24 hours before.
  5. Install with pressure but don’t keep slicking.
  6. Be prepared for problems and provide extra protection in hot and cold weather.  Curing slows below 40F when  evaporation slows.
  7. Let it dry out slowly over 24-48 hours. Curing happens while damp as carbon dioxide comes in.
  8. Sand is very, very, very important.  Buy our pre-mix or know what you’re doing before you mix. Don’t use crushed rock, (most sand from masonry supply stores is crushed rock or does not have correct particle shape or size distribution).
  9. Keep stucco coats between 3/8” and 5/8” thick.
  10. Use clean, chlorine-free water for misting and mixing.