Mortar, stucco and plaster

Our lime mortar is regularly used in the restoration and preservation of historic church buildings.

Lancaster Lime Works all natural lime mortar stucco and plaster products

Our line of natural lime mortar mix products include:
Repointing and bedding lime mortar for standard brick and stone joints
Repointing and bedding lime mortar for small mortar joints – butter joints
Lime stucco/plaster base coat
Lime stucco/plaster top coat
We will work with you for your custom blend mortars using custom sand and pigments (contact us for pricing)  Historically speaking, mortar colors were usually achieved by using sand to reach the desired color.  Although we carry pigments that can be used to match your exisiting mortar color, we will help you acheive the color you need using sand.

All of our natural lime mortar, stucco and plaster products come premixed in plastic buckets with properly graded sand and the correct amount of our natural lime putty.

Our lime putty has a calcium content of 98%, a PH of 12 and is a highly reactive carbonating type of lime.  It is specially processed during the firing and the slaking process which makes it the best in the world.  No Portland cements are added to any of our lime products.
Basic installation instructions can be found here 

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