Lime Putty

Fully hydrated lime putty with no aggregate.

Our Lime Putty has all the needed Characteristics of Lime used in Lime Mortar

High PH – 12
High Surface Area – 540 Sq Feet per Gram
High Calcium – 98%
Carbonating Lime Highly Reactive

It must be added to the proper sand in precise amounts with care being taken to fill in the void space between the sand particles.

If too much putty is added to sand, the putty will push the sand particles apart from each other and if not enough putty is added there will be hollow/empty spaces.  Adding too much or not enough putty to your sand will result in an inferior mortar and potential failure.

Contact Lancaster Lime Works for more information on how to determine the void space in the sand that you would like to use for our putty.

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