Natural Hydraulic Lime Mortars

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  • Natural Hydraulic Lime 2.0

    Roundtower Natural Hydraulic Lime 2.0, or Feebly Hydraulic Lime, is a more pliable substance for interior/exterior plastering and stucco. With projects that call for softer masonry techniques, 2.0 NHL is ideal. It has increased elasticity, and permeability, to better support older buildings with more flexibility. Currently available in 55lbs (25kg) bags.

  • Natural Hydraulic Lime 3.5

    Roundtower 3.5 Natural Hydraulic Lime, or Moderately Natural Hydraulic Lime, is a strong mortar option with all the flexibility that comes with natural lime. For historic buildings, that flexibility makes all the difference. Currently available in 55lbs (25kg) bags.