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Call us to discuss your project and be prepared to supply pictures, property address, approximate date of construction/type, and a description of the problem and what you’re requesting us to do.

Historic building repair and stabilization can be challenging. In today’s world with hundreds of products to do repairs, what’s the best one or approach? Back when your home was built there were few products with hundreds of uses, quite the opposite today.

It’s been said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is prudent to have an overall plan in place, prioritized, before major work is begun. We’ve been to many homes where the “repair” was approached with a modern building mind set – using “good hard cement” and “good hard bricks”. The homeowner paid to have the repair work completed but the repair only exacerbated the reoccurring problem and also caused new problems. Not only did the homeowner have to pay again to have the repair done correctly, but  they also had to pay for the removal. Thus, paying three times and for damage to other areas.

Water is the number one destroyer of historic masonry homes and buildings. Finding the source of the water often presents a challenge. Lancaster Lime Works are experts at finding hard to locate water issues and presenting permanent solutions.


We have a tiered consulting schedule.

1). We give verbal solutions and you take the notes, etc.

2). We do a discovery, take the notes, pictures, and provide a written photo report.

3). We provide complete blue printing of your project with specifications and a SOW for you to put out to bid.

4) Includes Tier 3 and we provide training and onsite supervision to ensure the work is done correctly as historic architects/building owners often request.


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