Mortar Analysis

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Detailed mortar analysis, telling you the essentials you need to know to reproduce any historic mortar.
$199 — For a limited time!


Download Instructions for Collecting a Mortar Sample

With our Mortar Analysis you will get everything you’ll need to get started mixing the right mortar for your job:

  • Sieve analysis on the sand, with graph and report of particle size distribution.
  • Sand will be returned to you in vials as per the sieve test so you can see the results of the sieve analysis and the original sand color and shape.
  • Recommendations cannot always be made for sand, since the sand must be found locally.  Base price for analysis does not include research on sourcing sand, just a detailed description of what to look for.


100 4x's
Sieve #100 magnified 4 x’s

Download Instructions for Collecting a Mortar Sample