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Mortarman 360 Gas Electric Mixer



IMER Mortarman 360 Mixer

This Mortarman 360 mixer is available in either a gas or electric model

Lancaster Lime Works recommends using the Mortarman 360 Gas or Electric Mixer vertical shaft mixers to quickly knock up our lime mortar before using.  This 360 gas powered mortarman mixer will knock up 10 buckets of mortar in ten minutes making this machine the perfect mixer for larger projects where a lot of material is being installed.
The discharge system is now easier to open and close and better protected from being hit by the mud bucket or forklift. The safety grate has been improved, it is now hinged, access for clean up is immediate and complete. Mini Batch Plant production for the cost of a mortar mixer.

Approximate cost for shipping is 375.00  However, call us for exact shipping quote.

Further study and testing have lead to drum and paddle design changes that vastly improve batch output, mix 800 lbs. of material every load.
The paddle systems are powered by monster gearboxes which were developed in our batch plant division.
Mixes 800 lbs of mortar, dry pack, stucco, or sand & cement
Electric motor 220V is available in Single or Three Phase, specify when ordering.  We recommend the gas model for increased versitility on job sites.
One piece hinged grate with auto shutoff that stops paddles
Controlled gravity fed discharge through drum bottom
Mix concrete, max aggregate size is 3/8″
Can mix materials from dry to wet
Vertical shaft mixers are more than just mortar mixers.
The science behind vertical shaft mixers is quite simple. The paddles are in the mix 100% of the time. The material is blended with a stirring action as opposed to a flipping action which high speed film shows is a more aggressive and thorough mixing action. The material is scraped from the side of the drum by the big sweeping arm and lifted from the pan by the lower paddle to ensure uniform and consistent mix. A trident paddle finely blends the material. Imer mixers do not trap aggregate down at the bottom of the mixer which jam up the paddles in conventional mortar mixers. Vertical shaft mixers are great to handle dry pack, grouts, thin sets, stuccos, self-leveling materials and oh yeah, lime mortar.

Imer Mortarman 360 Motor Options:
Motor Electric – 220 V Electric – 220 V Honda – Gas
Power Single Phase
5 hp 3-Phase
5 hp 11 hp

Imer Mortarman 360 Mixer Specifications
Drum Capacity 12 cu. ft.
Batch Output 9 cu. ft.
800 lbs.
Drum Diameter 38 inch
Dimensions 59″ x 58″ x 44″
Weight 800 lbs.


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