Mortarman 750 Electric Mixer


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IMER Mortarman 750 Electric Mixer

This is the perfect machine for knocking up our lime mortar or for mixing our putty with sand in large quantities.
Approximate shipping cost is $495.00  Call us for exact cost for shipping.

Mixes 1600 lbs of lime mortar, dry pack, stucco, or sand & cement
Mix concrete, max aggregate size is 3/8″
This electric model is perfect for stationary shop mixing applications
One piece hinged grate with auto shutoff that stops paddles
Low & wide design for towing safety and speed
Can mix materials from dry to wet
Discharge outlet height 30″
Drum diameter 52″
Vertical shaft mixers are more than just mortar mixers.
The science behind vertical shaft mixers is quite simple. The paddles are in the mix 100% of the time. The material is blended with a stirring action as opposed to a flipping action which high speed film shows is a more aggressive and thorough mixing action. The material is scraped from the side of the drum by the big sweeping arm and lifted from the pan by the lower paddle to ensure uniform and consistent mix. A trident paddle finely blends the material. Our mixers do not trap aggregate down at the bottom of the mixer which jam up the paddles in conventional mortar mixers. Vertical shaft mixers are great to handle dry pack, grouts, thin sets, stuccos, self-leveling materials and oh yeah, lime mortar.

Imer Mortarman 360 Motor Options:
Motor Electric – 220 V Electric – 220 V
Power Single Phase 5 hp 3-Phase 7.5 hp

Imer Mortarman 750 Mixer Specifications
Drum Capacity 22 cu. ft.
Batch Output 16 cu. ft.  Approx 16-18 five gallon buckets
1,600 lbs.
Drum Diameter 52 inch
Dimensions 90″ x 62″ x 63″
Weight 1,700 lbs.

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