High Calcium Hydrated Lime Putty


Lancaster Lime Works Lime Putty is the basic building block of all our products. We offer it in raw putty form to our customers so they can add the aggregate they would like for the end product they want.

To achieve the high quality of our lime for masonry it is very specially processed. It is fired at a carefully controlled, low temperature.  It is then slaked with the temperature being kept below the boiling point.

Our Lime Putty has been hydrated for a period of at least 30 days.  However, we specially process it, so that from its dry state as a powder, it actually reaches 100% full hydration after 20 minutes and will start to carbonate within five minutes of installation. It's 98% calcium,  highly reactive with a PH of 12 that produces a cementitious CO2-cure without any additives such as those found in cements or bonding agents.

Lancaster Lime Works Lime Putty has a surface area of 44 square meters per gram. It is available in 5 gallon pails.

Read the installation guide below and feel free to contact us with questions or a custom quote.